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Alcohol Interventions

Watching a Loved One Suffer from Alcohol Addiction? We Can Help You Find Interventions for Alcohol Abuse that Work

Watching your friend or loved one destroy their health and happiness with alcohol is heartbreaking. Alcohol addiction severely hampers a person’s ability to function in every personal and social situation. Rational judgment becomes impossible for the alcoholic. As a result, most alcoholics deny their drinking problem, insisting everything is fine. “I can quit any time I want,” is the usual response. But unless their alcohol addiction is treated professionally, the problem will continue to get worse, leading to dire physical and psychological alcohol addiction withdrawal consequences. This is when a alcohol intervention is needed.

You feel helpless, covering for their behavior, making excuses for them, bailing them out of the inevitable and endless string of crises that keep getting more serious with each passing day. Like it or not, you have become an enabler, doing for your loved one what he or she should be doing for themselves.

Intervention for an Alcoholic Works if Done in the Right Way, with Professional Alcohol Intervention Strategies

When the problem becomes unbearable for everyone around the alcoholic, friends and family feel pushed to take drastic measures. But you cannot force an alcoholic into rehabilitation, they have to agree to save their own life.

In the past, friends and families of alcoholics would stage surprise interventions for alcohol abuse in a last ditch effort to save that lost life. Sometimes, these interventions work to get the drinker into rehab. But all too often, a surprise intervention for an alcoholic becomes hostile, even though she is surrounded by the people who care most for her. Denial is a very strong instinctive response to a crisis, and intervention ambushes often result in angry and defensive arguments that only make the situation worse.

Fortunately, health professionals have discovered drug and alcohol intervention strategies that get better results. The key is professional guidance. Trained rehab counselors can help friends and families plan interventions for alcohol abuse that are positive, caring, and empowering, leading to far fewer negative reactions and much higher success rates.

Resist the Urge to Act Rashly: Professional Alcohol Intervention Strategies Get Better Results

When you consult and include a professional intervention specialist, your chances of getting your friend or loved one into an alcohol recovery program are greatly enhanced. Trained drug and alcohol recovery counselors offer sound and practical advice and guidance:

  • Communicate your intentions to have an intervention to the subject beforehand, which avoids any negative and angry reactions so common during ambush addiction interventions.
  • An alcohol intervention specialist can accurately assess the scope of your loved one’s drinking problem and prepare the necessary means to handle each case.
  • The presence of the counselor during the alcohol intervention provides an objective and experienced voice in the proceedings.
  • Professional guidance helps friends and families persist and band together if the addiction intervention turns negative.
  • The counselor is connected to an alcohol treatment center and can speed up the alcohol intervention process with fewer snags.

These positive drug and alcohol intervention strategies get much better results than going it alone. If an alcoholic is angry and feels forced into rehab, the chances of success are not very good. But positive intervention for an alcoholic breaks through the denial, and the alcoholic can see for himself that the people he loves really do care for him.

Professional Alcoholic Intervention Strategies Mean You Do Not Have to Do It Alone

Call us now and intervene the right way.Call our toll-free number at the top of the page now, and we can arrange for a professional alcohol intervention and find an alcohol recovery program that will get the best results. You will have no obligation, and our professionalism ensures absolute confidentiality. Professional drug and alcohol intervention strategies get far better results and save more lives than the old way. You don’t have to wait until your friend or loved one hits rock bottom when it might be already too late. Call us now and intervene the right way.

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