Your Guide to Finding the Right Type of Treatment For Alcohol Related Issues

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Alcohol Treatment Facilities Are As Varied and Unique As the People Who Seek Recovery

October 30th, 2012

You’ve felt for some time now that you or a loved one has been showing signs of alcohol addiction. Maybe you avoided the signs at first because you thought addiction is something that willpower alone can conquer. But now you realize you can’t do this by yourself.

You need the guidance, support, and therapy that only an effective, results-proven alcohol treatment center can provide.

Depending on the severity of your addiction, you may just need outpatient treatment or a more rigorous 90-day stay at a residential treatment facility.

The point is, the road to alcoholism recovery is a rocky one and the more thorough and cleansing your initial recovery treatment, the sooner you can reclaim your life.

Exploring Different Alcoholism Center Treatment Options Will Help You Find the Support You Need to Succeed

No two addictions or addicts are alike. A variety of programs, both short-term and long-term, exist to guide people through the many different causes, situations, and factors that make up their disorder and future recovery.

Short-term programs last about 21–45 days and long-term, considered more effective due to the time allowed for recovery, last from 60–120 days or more. Most non 12 step programs are long term, whereas traditional programs tend to be short term.

Alcohol treatment programs are divided into four basic groups:

  • 12 step traditional treatment centers
  • Inpatient residential centers
  • Outpatient treatment rehab
  • Holistic or alternative rehab programs

Most centers focus on the traditional 12 step approach. Effective for thousands, 12 step programs believe that alcoholism is an incurable disease but emphasize that a higher power and weekly group therapy are the critical tools necessary for maintaining abstinence.

However, the spirituality factor and more generalized treatment of 12 step programs are not for everyone. For those that seek alternative non 12 step long term programs, the emphasis lies less on spirituality and more on treating the entire person, not just addiction.

Alternative rehab therapy centers may employ a couple or several of the following components, depending on the center:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Holistic therapy involving yoga, hypnosis, massage, acupuncture, recreational therapy, and other techniques
  • Biophysical therapy
  • Dual-diagnosis therapy
  • Drug therapy rehab (treating addiction medicinally)
  • Wilderness therapy

Regardless of the treatment program you choose, each type involves detoxification, inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation, and follow-up sobriety maintenance. When you find a rehab program tailored to your own needs, fulfilling the dream of sobriety is not far behind.

Don’t Let Choosing an Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center Be the Tough Part of Overcoming Addiction

This might be the first time you have decided to take charge of your life after a hard struggle with alcoholism, or perhaps after several previous struggles, you are unwaveringly resolute in your march toward recovery.

Just contact our counselors today at 1-888-521-2059 or fill out our simple contact form. Regardless, know that a treatment center exists out there to help you find true freedom from addiction. Accreditation, quality of care, and success rates don’t need to be a guessing game for you as you search for the best program.

Just contact our counselors today at 1-888-521-2059 or fill out our simple contact form. We know that finding a treatment center is one of the most challenging leaps to recovery, and we’re here to take it with you.

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