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Biophysical Treatment

Biophysical Treatment Biophysical Treatment for Alcoholism Offers Alternatives to Traditional Rehabilitation

Today, most people already know that alcoholism is a serious medical issue that usually takes a long time to develop. Many have personally experienced alcohol addiction or have seen a friend or loved one struggle with alcohol abuse and dependence.

Alcohol recovery and rehabilitation is not easy, and many people have tried traditional 12 step treatment programs a couple times but keep falling back into relapse. They need a new option—a safe, alternative rehabilitation approach that will finally work for them. They need an alcohol recovery plan that will not only offer long-term effectiveness, but one that will address the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of alcohol addiction.

Biophysical treatment is one such form of inpatient alcohol rehab that offers a powerful combination of counseling for emotional well-being and treatment for the physical root of the addiction. In fact, the likelihood of living a drug- and alcohol-free life after completion of biophysical treatment is three times higher than the success rates of other rehab programs.

Why Biophysical Treatment Can Offer Complete Recovery…

Where Other Treatment Programs Have Failed.

“Biophysical” simply refers to the process of solving biological problems with physical methods. While many alcohol treatment programs address addiction symptoms with more drugs (such as medication for withdrawal symptoms and the mental illnesses that often accompany addiction), these rehab programs treat addictions using a holistic, biophysical approach.

Employing drug therapy to relieve a person of a drug or alcohol addiction sometimes results in a relapse, and many addicts and alcoholics resist drug therapy because of the apparent contradictions. Biophysical treatment centers recognize this and instead offer a different approach:

  • Drug-free applications and natural healing principles,
  • A healthy foundation for a complete recovery,
  • Unique detoxification processes to remove all drug residues, and
  • Long-term inpatient or residential therapy programs.

A healthy and organic biophysical approach is often safer and more effective for many patients. Once freed of all substances after detox, the now more clear-headed patient can begin tackling the psychological components of the addiction and learn how to remain free from drug and alcohol abuse and dependence.

Benefits of Biophysical Treatment Include a Better Physical and Psychological Foundation to Recovery than Traditional 12 Step Programs

While biophysical treatment may not be as well-known or sound as effective on the surface as traditional rehabilitation programs, it’s important to carefully consider every alternative and method. If a 12 step program isn’t working, it may be time to find lasting success with a biophysical approach. If this is your first time seeking treatment, applying a biophysical approach could be your last need for rehab.

Beyond treating withdrawal symptoms naturally and providing a higher success rate for many, the benefits of biophysical treatment include:

  • Nutritional supplements during detox to help rebuild the body,
  • Sweat therapy as a natural remedy to remove toxic waste from tissue,
  • Social education to foster a sense of personal responsibility,
  • Two or more years of program follow-up to ensure success,
  • Thorough long-term tracking of individual success, and
  • A lower cost than the monthly fees of private treatment centers.

Many addicts and alcoholics are unaware of the many alternative methods of rehabilitation, and some rehabilitation centers naturally promote only one or two methods. Understanding the wealth of alternative treatments, including biophysical rehab, can be key to finally ridding yourself of the monkey of addiction.

Why Biophysical Drug Rehab Is More Effective Than Traditional Treatment Programs

You may see the potential benefits of biophysical treatment but are not completely convinced to seek a good biophysical drug rehab program. But if your life and health are disappearing before your eyes because of substance abuse, you need to find the best choice for your future and your health. To make the healthiest, safest decision for your recovery, compare the chance of biophysical treatment success with the structure of a traditional treatment plan.

Traditional programs typically treat both withdrawal symptoms and alcohol or drug cravings with more drugs, never giving the body a real chance to beat the addiction and return to its natural health. Twelve step programs offer only a one-size-fits-all approach to inpatient counseling, weekly follow-up meetings, and limited individual success tracking.

The most effective treatment plans are tailored to all types of people and addictions. Rehab centers that employ a biophysical approach recognize this diversity in their clients and strive to absolutely make sure those patients stay safe and sober, doing whatever it takes to reach true recovery. Traditional programs also tend to suggest that addiction is an incurable disease, and any relapse should be treated with more prescribed drugs or medication and more brow beating. Biophysical rehab programs have proven that people can experience a permanent recovery using alternative rehabilitation methods.

Make the Call and Take Back Your Life and Health from the Clutches of Addiction and Alcoholism

Not all drug addicts and alcoholics respond the same to rehab, but biophysical treatment programs can offer you or your loved ones the best chance of recovery. You remember how you were before alcoholism and addiction; free and confident. It’s time to reclaim your life. Take that first step and call our toll-free number now. Our compassionate and professional counselors will refer you to the best biophysical rehab program for your unique situation.

You cannot beat alcohol addiction or alcoholism alone. We’re here to help you take your life back from the abyss. Please call now, the cost of doing nothing is far too high.

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