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Cost of Alcohol Treatment

November 1st, 2011

When looking at treatment for alcoholism, cost can become a major factor. Lets face it, you want the best type of treatment available and that can sometimes mean spending a lot of money. Well the truth is the most expensive type of alcohol rehab does not always mean the best and certainly does not mean good results. As an example, there are many rehabs in Malibu California that you hear the celebrities going to like Lindsay Lohan. Well we continuously here about Lindsay abusing drugs and alcohol and still getting arrested so clearly these pricey, ritzy, resort like rehabs do not guarantee success despite how expensive they are. So what is the cost of alcohol treatment?

One of the important aspects of treatment we like to focus on here at is length of stay. We can’t stress enough how important length of rehabilitation is. The longer a person works on his or her recovery while in a rehab program the better chance of success there is. These short-term programs that last 1-2 weeks have a very low success rate and never really have good results. Our philosophy is if you are going to invest money in a good program make sure it is long term. Usually the cost of a long-term alcohol rehab program is $10,000-$40,000. These programs generally are around 4-12 months long, which includes an aftercare program as well.

Contact UsThis is a substantial investment for an alcohol treatment center, but there are many options on how to finance this cost. Some treatment centers offer financing interest free. Some facilities have scholarships, and can even take insurance. The bottom line is the cost of treatment can vary but the most important thing is to find the best type of program that offers that highest success rate. From there figure out how to pay for the rehab, because you are talking about saving a persons life!

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