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My Dad Needed Help

My Dad Needed HelpMy dad was able to cover up his addiction to alcohol for most of my life. He was a business professional and always attended school activities for me with my mom. They would fight a lot but nothing abnormal. It wasn’t until I would come back from college during holidays that I noticed there was a problem.

He was drinking to the point where he would start slurring his words. He would leave the house and not come back until late at night. Then I would hear them fight. It was horrible. It made me feel so sad and hopeless.

Finally I spoke to my mom while at school and decided to come back one weekend. We sat down and spoke to him about getting help. At first he didn’t want to, but later on that day, he agreed. We took him to a short term program where he received counseling and therapy. He is much better now, healthy and happy.

Thanks for all your help in finding a treatment program for my dad. I would recommend you guys to anyone looking for a good alcohol treatment program.

Lots of Love,


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