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Effective Alcohol Treatment Centers

December 7th, 2010

Is drug addiction and alcoholism the same thing? If I am an alcoholic should I go to a drug rehab? These are common questions people ask regarding treatment. Unfortunately online, drug rehabs are very common, but finding a center that specializes in alcohol addiction is very tough. Alcohol addiction is different than drug addiction and rehabilitation approach should be taylor made to a person struggling from alcohol abuse.

In searching for an alcohol rehab center, the first thing to find out is whether or not you will need an alcohol detox. A person who is an acute alcoholic usually will need a medical detox. If they don’t get a medical detox than can experience seizures and DT’s which can create horrible medical problems. A good rehab has some sort of detox for an alcoholic to prevent this. Once a person has been medically detoxed then they will start the treatment process.

Alcohol treatment should combine counseling and life skills. Getting to the underlying issues of why a person first started drinking is essential for a successful recovery. Individualized counseling and dual diagnosis treatment is more effective than group counseling but does not mean that group counseling can’t be effective. Also, life skills counseling and cognitive therapy are also very beneficial tools for a treatment facility.

Remember, the first step of getting help is realizing that you need help and there is some sort of problem. Once you realize this, then locating the right alcohol treatment center is next. We can help you find an alcohol rehab today.

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