Your Guide to Finding the Right Type of Treatment For Alcohol Related Issues

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1) How long should an alcohol treatment be?

The length of a treatment program can vary. Traditional treatment offers 21,28, and 30 days of treatment. In many instances this is not enough time. In this case, a long term alcohol treatment center is recommended. A long term rehab program is generally around 3-5 months long and some facilities will offer up to 12 months worth of treatment.

2) What is the best type of treatment center for alcoholism?

There is not one type of treatment program for all. The reason is everyone is different and every alcoholic needs help specific to his or her problems. The best type of treatment is one that will address all aspects of addiction and deal with the underlying issues which cause a person to abuse alcohol.

3) What is the success rate of an alcohol rehab program?

Success rates can range from 0 % to about 80 %. The programs with higher success rates are generally non-12 step facilities and also long term rehabs. There are some alcohol rehabs that offer guarantees as well.

4) What do we need to do as a family when our loved one returns home from treatment?

The most important thing to remember is communication. Its important to get everything on the table while your loved one is in treatment so that when they return, everyone is upfront about goals and purposes. Staying on the same page and working together as a team greatly increases the chances of recovery.

5) Does an alcohol rehab center provide counseling for the family?

Most rehab centers that treat alcohol abuse do provide family counseling. That is certainly a good question to ask when researching programs. Sometimes when a person leaves the state for rehab, its not possible to do daily counseling at the facility so many programs offer courses that can be done at home.

6) Do I need a detox before I enter a treatment facility?

In some circumstances a person struggling with alcoholism may need a medical detox. If not, the alcoholic could have a seizure or suffer from severe DT’s. Many facilities have their own alcohol detox.

7) What type of counseling is offered during treatment?

Counseling in treatment varies from center to center. Most traditional 12 step programs provide group counseling and it is also a requirement that the patient attend meetings. Meetings are in a group setting where people get up and “share.”

In non-traditional settings like a non 12 step alcohol treatment center, individualized counseling, cognitive therapy, and life skills are focused on more.

8) Does insurance cover treatment, if not what is the cost of an alcohol treatment center?

Contact Us!Some programs do have the ability to take insurance. Of course this depends on what type of insurance. Most programs that provide quality care and a high success rate are private pay programs. These can range anywhere from $10,000-$80,000 for 30 days up to 12 month program.


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