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Faith-Based Alcohol Treatment

January 12th, 2011

Treating alcohol dependency is a rough road to travel. Because it does not deal with an illegal substance as with most drug abuse, the social implications and the casual drinker attitude can place rocks in the road of your path to recovery. In addition there are a number of schools of thought on just what the best alcohol rehab really is. For the recent alcoholic, such as the adolescent or teenage drinker, the therapy will be quite different from that used to help the seasoned life long drinker. Methodology that will quickly get to the teenage drinkers problems won’t raise an eyebrow on the person who has spent a lifetime of hiding and justifying their drinking. In fact the seasoned drinker will have a detoxification issue that can be health and life threatening and if detox isn’t made a priority in their recovery, all the programs in the world will not cure the addiction once it has become a physical and mental struggle to overcome. It is unfortunate but many times the despair brought on by the deteriorating physical condition can cause the mental and physiological condition to be unmovable.

Elder alcohol abusers with health problems may be the best candidates for faith based alcohol treatment. Many patients who are actively and successfully participating in a christian or faith based programs usually says that they are offered additional benefits with those groups and that most importantly it allows them to draw strength from their faith.

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