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I Found Help

I spent half of my life going in and out of rehab facilities. My addiction to alcohol seemed like it was something that I was never going to overcome. I lost my job, my wife and most importantly my kids. My life was in shambles. I was a drunk, depressed, hopeless and lost my purpose in life.

My parents called me one day and told me they were flying in to see me. When they came, they brought my wife and younger sister. They sat down and it was a family intervention. I knew I needed help but I was scared. They said they had found an alcohol treatment center in California. I was living in Florida at the time but I was ready for a change. I packed my bags and left that day.

It was the greatest gift my parents have ever given me. I was 38 years old at the time.

A year later, I have my wife and new job. My kids are back with me and I’m healthy and sober. Thank You Alcohol Treatment for your help in finding me the best program possible.



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