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Insurance for Treatment

How Much Does Insurance Cover? What If You’re Uninsured?

Insurance for TreatmentStatistics from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) reveal that 22 million Americans suffer from substance abuse, including alcohol, but only 3 or 4 million will seek professional treatment in either traditional 12 step programs or non 12 step rehab programs. These figures aren’t surprising when you consider both the debilitating effects of alcohol addiction and substance abuse and the longstanding myths associated with addiction. Once, alcoholism was widely considered a sign of personal weakness or bad character, and many alcoholics still live with unnecessary shame.

But we now understand that alcoholism and addiction are medical conditions, not character flaws. We understand how to treat addiction and help control it so the patient can live a fulfilling life. And because of this new understanding of alcoholism, addiction, and substance abuse, and the proven track record of professional alcohol treatment, alcohol recovery programs are covered by insurance.

Whether Your Insurance Covers the Cost of Alcohol Treatment Depends on Your Specific Plan

Indeed, most of the major health insurance providers not only cover alcohol recovery programs, but stress alcohol abuse prevention with screening and early intervention. Health insurance providers recognize the high cost of treating alcohol-related issues, so they have a strong interest in preventing the need for rehab in the first place. While most major insurance companies offer insurance for treatment, not all policy plans do so. For example, most health maintenance organization (HMO) plans do not cover alcohol rehab costs, while most preferred provider organization (PPO) plans cover at least part of the overall costs. Obviously, individual PPO plans cost more to maintain but require lower co-pays.

Other Factors

Many other factors come into play. For example, if your insurance company considers past addiction or relapse a pre-existing condition, you probably won’t be covered for alcohol rehab. Or, if you can afford it and don’t have a pre-existing condition, you could ask specifically for alcohol rehab insurance coverage. Understanding your health insurance policy is key to knowing if you have insurance for treatment. If you don’t understand everything in it, you should consult your insurance agent. Many insurance companies will work with you and with whatever alcohol addiction rehab treatment program you choose. But it’s best to stay within your means. A reputable and affordable private rehab center closer to home is a wiser choice than a plush spa rehab center if you can’t afford the bill.

Whether You Are Covered or Not, You Can’t Beat Alcohol Addiction Alone

If your policy doesn’t cover alcohol rehab or you don’t have any health insurance at all, you still have options. Many nonprofit organizations offer valuable assistance and helpful referrals, some alcohol recovery programs have sliding scale options and payment plans, and public alcohol rehab centers provide free or low-cost care.

Call now and we can help you win your life back.The important point to remember is that regardless of your health insurance status, getting professional help for alcohol addiction immediately is the most important thing you can do. Because the price of doing nothing is too high, the long-term cost of alcohol rehab is cheap by comparison. You are paying that high price now if you do not take action. We’re here to help. Our professional drug and alcohol addiction counselors are ready to help you interpret your insurance policy, assess your resources and needs, and recommend the best alcohol rehab center for you.

We specialize in helping people find the right alcohol recovery programs. Call now and we can help you win your life back.

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