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Long Term Alcohol Treatment Centers

Long Term Treatment For Alcoholism Provides A High Success Rate

Long Term Alcohol Treatment CentersMany who are struggling with alcohol abuse find that long term alcohol treatment centers offer more effective and permanent treatment options than short-term alcohol treatment. Due to the structure of a long-term alcohol rehab, the live-in situation and comfortable environment eliminates the need for a hospital setting and enables for true recovery to take place. These types of alcohol residential facilities often provide round-the-clock care to their clients, which is an extremely valuable resource in alcohol recovery. The most widely known long-term alcohol treatment centers model provides detox, cognitive counseling, life skills therapy, life coaching, and an after care program .

Other Forms of Treatment

There are other facilities that offer other forms of treatment, however, this type of long term treatment is most effective. One of these alcohol long term program models is referred to as Biophysical Rehabilitation. In Biophysical treatment, alcoholism is attacked from all angles. Physically, mentally and emotionally. This treatment method has some of the highest success rates in the field of long-term alcohol treatment and recovery. It is also very common to find long term alcohol rehabilitation facilities that provide holistic treatment as well as a non 12 step rehab.

How Long is “Long Term?”

What is a long term alcohol rehab and how many months or treatment does it provide? Generally, a long term alcohol rehab will range in length from 3 months to 12 months. Each program will of course vary with regard to specifics, but the fundamental program philosophies are the same: First, the individual is given a substantial amount of time to fully tackle the underlying issues of his addiction. Second, he is made accountable for his decisions and actions, and third he is given the tools with which to successfully take responsibility for his life so he may succeed outside of treatment. This multifaceted approach to treatment offers the individual a real shot at sobriety. With the right tools in communication, relationships, situations and morality, he can rebuild the life he once had–or better.

What to Expect in a Long Term Alcohol Treatment Center

Long-term alcohol treatment centers provides those suffering with alcohol dependency the opportunity to experience what sober living truly feels like. For some, 28 or 30 days is what it takes. For others, a long-term rehab facility offers the most appropriate setting for proper reflection on months or years of alcohol abuse. Also highly recommended is a proper medical detox to accompany alcohol treatment. Alcohol withdrawal can be very dangerous and should be supervised by trained medical staff. Doing this will set the person on the right road (mentally and physically) towards successful recovery.

Often families run into cost issues with long-term alcohol treatment facilities. Unfortunately, state-funded alcohol treatment isn’t usually much longer than 28 days and boasts a mere 12% success rate.

We Can Help!

Rather than becoming lost in the “revolving door” of treatment, we highly recommend finding the right treatment center and, even if the cost is high, committing to a higher level of effective treatment. Fortunately, many of these long-term alcohol recovery centers offer payment plans or will work with your insurance company to help offset the cost. We only refer our clients to drug and alcohol treatment centers with success rates of 75% or higher. We are here to help you find the right long-term rehab program for yourself or a loved one so he or she may return to the happy life they once had. Call us today at the toll-free number listed above to locate a long term alcoholism rehab center.

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