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I Never Gave Up On Her

I Never Gave Up On HerAs a mother, watching my daughter throw her life away was the hardest thing to do. We were a very normal family. Typical issues we dealt with while my other two grew up, but nothing like my youngest. When she turned 16 her grades started slipping. She was very social, always had a boyfriend and graduated from high school to attend a university out of state. It was a big party school and we were worried. While in college she failed out her sophomore year and returned back to home. She attended a local community college but we knew something was wrong.

She started staying out all night and not returning until the next morning. She got a DUI and that’s when we knew we had to do something. We researched treatment for programs for young people who were struggling with alcohol abuse. We didn’t want a traditional program, instead we wanted a program that focused on her health and provided individualized counseling.

My husband and I found a non 12 step treatment program and sent her there 2 months ago. She is still there and doing great. She sounds like our daughter that we raised to be a health happy person. Thank you Alcohol Treatment for finding the right program for our daughter.

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