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Non 12 Step Alcohol Treatment

One Of The Most Successful Treatment Modalities In The World

Non 12 Step Alcohol TreatmentMost of the alcohol treatment programs in the United States use the traditional treatment model called the 12-steps. Unfortunately most people who have tried a 12-step program have relapsed and failed. Many of the 12 step programs for the treatment of alcoholism, are a revolving door for alcoholics. Over the last decade, a new approach to addressing alcoholism has become overwhelmingly popular because of a high success rate. This new program is called a non 12 step alcohol treatment.

In a non 12 step treatment for alcoholism, an addicted individual will fully recovery from alcohol addiction, and not be told that they are an alcoholic for life. They will learn life skills to help them make conscious decisions about drinking and will feel empowered to make correct choices.

We work with non 12 step alcohol rehabs nationwide and can help locate a facility for you today. Call us to learn more about non 12 step alcohol treatment and how this type of treatment can help you.

Cognitive Therapy and Life Coaching

Cognitive therapy seeks to help the patient overcome alcohol abuse by identifying and re-thinking, past-behavior, and emotional responses used to make decisions. In many circumstances, alcoholics are reactive and don’t think situations out. Rather they react and don’t analytically find solutions to problems. Cognitive therapy involves helping patients develop skills for modifying beliefs regarding alcohol, identifying distorted thinking, relating to alcohol and relationships, and changing behaviors. Once those thoughts have been challenged, one’s feelings about the decision to drink alcohol more easily subject to change.

After cognitive therapy, a person will then undergo life coaching. Here, an alcoholic will receiving positive counseling to help improve self-esteem and confidence. When the patient feels better about themselves and their abilities, they began learning skills in how to deal with problems. Life skills therapy help a person with coping skills, social skills, communication, anger management, relationships, and job skills.

Alternative and Holistic Alcohol Treatment

Alternative treatment programs and holistic care provide solutions for people who don’t want traditional treatment. Alternative programs like a non 12 step alcohol treatment program, teach a person that alcoholism is not an incurable disease. Rather, alcoholism is something that can be overcome and a person can fully recover. Non 12 step treatment does not force a certain religious belief either. A patient does not have to turn their life over to a higher power; instead, religion is left up to the individual and his own beliefs.

Holistic and biophysical alcohol rehabilitation focuses on health. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, consumed in IV’s help a person to overcome alcohol abuse. Alcoholism has severe health consequences and burns up an enormous amount of B 12. During a holistic non 12 step alcohol treatment, a proper diet, supplements, and exercise are all an important part of the recovery program. Call today to learn more about non 12 step alcohol treatment centers.

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