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Top 3 Reasons An Alcoholic Never Quits

October 8th, 2011

Do you are someone you know have an addiction to alcohol? Have you tried helping an alcoholic and failed miserably and wondered why? Or have you lost a loved one to alcoholism and wish you would have helped them? In this blog we are going to cover the top 3 reasons an alcoholic never quits and solutions on how to address each problem We hope this helps.

3) The third reason why a person who is struggling with alcohol abuse never quits and is they are scared of the detox and withdraw symptoms caused by quitting. If a severe alcoholic just quits “cold turkey” the body can go through severe medical withdraw symptoms, so bad that a seizure or other severe medical difficulties can occur. The best way to address this problem is ensure that you bring the alcoholic to a medical detox. The medical detox will taper the person slowly off the alcohol with prescribed medications that will provide a gentle and safe way to quit.

2) The second reason an alcoholic wont quit is they don’t know how to deal with problems in life or they have low self-esteem/depression. As humans we all have problems and issues that we deal with in everyday life but for many alcoholics they don’t have those coping skills many of us have. Depression and failures can cause a person to sink so low they don’t know what else to do except medicate with alcohol. Ensuring the addicted individual finds the right alcohol rehab is essential. Our counselors can help locate a facility that will provide cognitive counseling and life skills therapy.

Contact Us Today At 888-238-88561) The first and most common reason a person never quits his or her alcohol addiction is they don’t think they have a problem. Most alcoholics are what we call “functioning alcoholics.” Functioning alcoholics are moms, dads, brothers, sisters, college graduates, business owners, successful individuals that are able to function in society while consuming lots of alcohol. Unfortunately it is only a matter of time before the success runs out and the hardships of addiction take over. This is the hardest scenario to deal with. What we try to encourage families to do is all the research and legwork regarding treatment for alcoholism before. Once the alcoholic hits rock bottom you don’t have to wait around and lose your opportunity, instead the alcoholic is brought immediately to rehab.

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