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Top 5 Reasons To Seek Rehab For Alcoholism

November 10th, 2011

According to the National Institute on Health, over 17 million Americans have struggled with alcohol problems. Alcohol although socially acceptable is very addictive and creates many problems for those that abuse it and many negative consequences for society as a whole.

In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that alcohol abuse accounts for 23% of all treatment admissions in the country. This is an average of 5 million people getting treatment for abusing alcohol per year.

Unfortunately there are another 12 million people who need to get help for alcoholism and are not enrolling in treatment.

There are many reasons why getting treatment for alcoholism is absolutely necessary.

1. To Undo The Damage Alcohol Does To The Body – In some cases is it not enough that alcohol causes some cancers, birth defects and damage to the liver and other organs to deter people from abusing it. But the longer an individual abuses alcohol the more they leave themselves open to having major health problems and will shorten their life span. The Center for Disease Control Reports that there were over 23,000 alcohol related deaths in one year not including accidents and homicides.

2. To Repair Relationships – The top rehabilitation centers in the country will tell you how much damage alcohol abuse does to family member’s and loved one’s of the addict. Divorces, domestic abuse, child abuse and mistreatment can all step from alcohol addiction. Treatment can help to repair these relationships and start to make up the damage caused to loved ones.

3. To Avoiding Hurting Others – Mother’s Against Drunk Driving reports that one in three people will be in an alcohol related crash in their lifetime. In addition, the group states that over 10,000 people will die in an alcohol related crash during a one year period. Alcoholism can cause the user to hurt both himself and others while under the influence. In addition, nearly 60 to 70% of domestic abuse is a result of alcoholism.

4. To Handle Legal Difficulty – According to recent DUI statistics over 1 million people are arrested for driving under the influence every year. Many of these are under the influence of alcohol. Treatment will not only help to stop alcoholism but can help to handle legal difficulties associated with alcohol abuse.

Contact Us Today5. Because It’s The Right Thing To Do – Admitting one has a problem with alcohol isn’t always easy but the only way to overcome alcoholism is to reach out for help. Many successful drug and alcohol treatment programs exist that can completely stop alcohol addiction.

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