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Treatment For Alcohol Addiction

April 13th, 2011

What is the best type of treatment for alcohol addiction? This is a common question people ask who are either themselves struggling with alcoholism or have a loved one who needs help. Most people who are looking for alcohol rehabilitation have found that most programs are the same, cookie cutter 12-step program. Depending on the type of treatment for alcoholism, you will notice that the programs that offer longer termed programs are usually more effective. One thing to look at is how long the program is, and how much individualized counseling is offered.

Long-term alcohol rehabilitation facilities have anywhere from a 30-80 percent success rate. Many of these programs offer something called holistic or biophysical treatment. Holistic and biophysical treatment programs use a natural detoxification process that is very effective in cleansing the body. Once a person is cleansed and feels healthy, counseling is applied and life skills therapy to teach a person how to make life changes to effectively handle the addiction.

Remember, when looking for alcohol treatment, find something that is individualized and not group based. Look at how long the rehab program is and make sure the offer a health based program and counseling. If you need any help at all locating a facility, please give us a call or email one of our counselors.

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